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Network analyzer - Modular

Network analyzer - Modular

Bird BN900 Modular Network analyzer - 300 KHz to 8.5 GHz ; 4 Port
Datasheet Download :  Bird BN900 Modular VNA

Introduction : 
BN900 Modular Vector Network Analyzer features a large dynamic range,low trace noise, high resolution and many
more that can meet the testing. BN900 covers frequency range from 300KHz to 8.5GHz with 4-port.It own delicate size and easy to carry,Possesses the performance of a benchtop vector network analyzer and Open interface, making it possible for second development.

Features :

• Frequency Range: 300KHz to 8.5GHz
• Large dynamic range: > 125dB @ (IFBW=10Hz),typ. 130dB.
• Low Trace Noise:2 mdB rms (IFBW=3 kHz)
• High Measurement Speed:42 μs/point (IFBW=500 kHz)
• Effective directivity: > 42dB
• Support standard VISA
• Frequency resolution : 1 Hz

• BN900 4-port Modular 300KHz ~ 8.5GHz VNA