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    14000Z Series Target Projectors

    14000Z Series Reflective Target Projectors are turnkey test systems for testing FLIRS and infrared imaging systems。
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    MIRAGE-H Dynamic infrared Scene Projector

    MIRAGE™-H is a complete turnkey infrared scene projector to produce high definition dynamic IR scenes。
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    IR Camera - IRC900

    The IRC900 Series is based on a closed cycle Stirling cooled sensor engine。
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    Infinity blackbody.jpg

    Infinity Differential Blackbody Series

    Santa Barbara Infrared’s Infinity Series of Differential Blackbodies (DB Series) are designed to support the most critical testing requirements. The Infinity blackbodies offer the best performance available. Fast,stable, uniform, accurate and reliable- these blackbody systems provide performance enhancements and features that set them apart from previously available systems.
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    Stinger Simulator

    Quantum3D has developed a realistic stinger simulator to train users.
    Quantum3D Stringer Simulator is a virtual reality-based training simulator that supports a portable training system for both individual and team training.
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    Recorder_RP6100 series.jpg

    Recorder x 2 | 4 CH - 6 GHz

    Averna RP-6100 Series Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback
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    Recorder_RP6500 series.jpg

    Recorder x 1 CH - 6 GHz

    Averna RP-6500 Series Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback
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    USG-9 -1.jpg

    Counter Surveillance - (9 K~9 G)

    United Spectrum Guardians - USG-9 (9 KHz – 9 GHz)
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    USG-30 -1.jpg

    Counter Surveillance - (9 K~30 G)

    United Spectrum Guardians - USG-9 (9 KHz – 30 GHz)
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    BA100_USB -1.jpg

    Vector Spectrum - USB

    Bird BA100 USB Vector signal spectrum - 9 KHz to 6 GHz
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    SAF_Compact SA_SG -1.jpg

    Spectrum|Generator - Compact

    SAF Compact Spectrum | Signal generator series
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    BG100_USB -1.jpg

    Vector generator - USB

    Bird BG100 USB Vector signal generator - 1 MHz to 6 GHz