Training solution

客製訓練模擬系統 - Customized training simulation 

Ultrontek provide fixed wing and rotary wing filght|weapon and artillery|HIL sensor|military aircraft|drining|ground vehicles complete suite of customized simulation application.

With Quantum3D's powerful image processing core and 2D/3D database support, can offer various weather simulations | fighter simulations | warship simulations | weapon and artillery simulation training.It can generate all kinds of simulated images and data in real-time to combine the dynamic simulation of real signals.

Main features:

  • Customization according to various purposes, such as weather simulation(sunny, rainy, snowy, windy,foggy, etc.) 
  • According to different applications, such as suggesting suitable motion simulators(Gimbals,Hexapod, etc.)
  • According to different needs, provide integration of different test scenarios and keep programing flexibly
  • Users can configure the test process and create their own 2D/3D models
  • To offer test cases with full source code

System units:

  A: Image generator simulator unit
  B: Motion simulator unit
  C: Helmet Mounted Display (HMD),VR/AR
  D: Motion joystick platform
  E: Support other sub-simulator interface 

Customized GUI interface(Concept):