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ATC radio direction finder

ATC radio direction finder

The compact solution for ATC and VTS stations
Datasheet Download : RHOTHETA RT-1000

The RT-1000 radio direction finder system is designed specifically for ATC (Air Traffic Control) and VTS (Vessel
Traffic Service) applications and complies with ICAO requirements.
The RT-1000 has become the benchmark in its class. Hundreds of systems are currently in use worldwide.
The RT-1000 is used as an ATC navigation aid that allows controllers on the ground to give QDM information
to the pilot or verify position reports received from aircraft.


• Doppler direction finder
• Extremely high rotation frequency for fast signal processing
• Compact antenna system for simple installation and very high reliability
• Best price-performance ratio
• Antenna location independent of controller workstation
• No infrastructure for relocated antenna is required
• Maintenance-friendly modular design
• RS 232 interface to permit system integration
• Two simultaneous channels available (option)
• Frequency range: 118.000 ... 136.975 MHz
                                   156.000 ... 174.000 MHz
• Special antenna mast with test and maintenance functionality
• Special Display and Control Software
   “DF Commander” available