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Firearm training

Firearm training

The power of completely immersing trainees in realistic, hands-on exercises where they can see, hear, move and interact with the field and each other.
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Datasheet Download : QUANTUM3D Virtual_Firearm

Simulated Firearms
• Supports wide variety of small arms
• Seamless integration with any desired gun mockup
• Electro mechanical or gas based recoil
• Tetherless/tethered simulated recoil systems
• Full instrumentation (trigger, magazine, fire mode selector, etc.)

Scene Editor
• Interior or exterior areas
• Supports different 3D file formats
• Up to 20x20 km gaming area
• Asset library included for easy planning

Tactical Editor
• Complex path planning
• Formation and group behavior assignment
• Obstacles, hiding areas and do not enter
zones definition