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Vector generator - Handheld

Vector generator - Handheld

Bird CH60 Handheld vector signal generator - 1 MHz to 6 GHz
Datasheet Download : Bird CH60 Handheld VSG

Introduction : 
Genemini hand-held signal generator perfectly combines highperformance,high portability and controllability. With excellent
engineering design, it has the volume and weight for single hand operation, the excellent RF performance and rich signal generation function are applicable to integration, R&D and manufacture in different communication fields. 

Features :
• Frequency range:1MHz - 6GHz
• GeneMini is an Android hand-held signal generator. It features simple operation
• Support system integration, excellent performance, support secondary development and customize signal generation
• Analog modulation:AM、FM、PM
• Support communication standard signal type:GSM/EDGE/TDSCDMA/WCDMA/TDD-LTE/FDD-LTE/NB-IoT/LoRa/5GNR
• Support digital modulation type:BPSK/QPSK/OQPSK/8PSK/16QAM/32QAM/64QAM/128QAM/256QAM/MSK/FSK
• Modulation bandwidth:20MHz(can upgrade to 100MHz)
• Support pulse modulation
• High portability:Small size(197*93*61 mm),light weight (0.9 公斤)

• CH60 1-port 1 MHz~6 GHz VSG