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Marine radio direction finder

Marine radio direction finder

WIDE-BAND Radio Direction Finder
Datasheet Download : RHOTHETA RT-500-M

RT-500-M是一種寬頻測向儀,支援多頻段可在用於救援任務的所有頻段上運行。該測向儀自動監測緊急頻率118 – 470 MHz。顯示幕直覺式的顯示所有測向儀資訊與參數。易懂的功能表讓使用者快速上手RT-500-M測向儀。各種介面(LAN,NMEA RS-422,RS-232)更有助與其他系統作環境參數整合更完備。


• Wide-band radio direction finder : 118 to 470 MHz
• MOB functionality
• High reception sensitivity to permit detection of extremely weak and distant signals
• Designed for use under very rough conditions at sea
• Easy installation, no RF cables required
• Compact wide-band antenna system (Patent DE 4421759 C1)
• NMEA, RS-422 and RS-232 interfaces for system integration and remote control
• DF of all 19 COSPAS-SARSAT channels
• Decode of COSPAS-SARSAT messages
• Shows direction and distance to GPS-position of COSPAS-SARSAT beacons
• VHF Air band in 8.33 kHz steps available
• UHF band including frequencies of SRD/LPD and PMR devices (used by pirates and smugglers)