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Mobile direction finder

Mobile direction finder

SAR & Law Enforcement to locate and decode COSPAS-SARSAT
Datasheet Download : RHOTHETA RT-400

The RT-400 is a portable direction finder, designed for search and rescue operations (SAR), law enforcement and
localizing of radio interference sources.Due to its wideband, the system allows homing to any radio transmitter with a frequency between 118 and 470 MHz including all emergency frequencies such as 121.5, 243 and 406 MHz
(COSPAS-SARSAT). The DF system uses a tablet with a compass and GPS. The DF-Scout software allows displaying
and saving bearing lines on the moving map as well as localizing beacons by triangulation.


• Portable DF System for SAR , law enforcement activities and localizing of radio interference sources
• Wideband homing on frequencies between 118 and 470 MHz including all relevant emergency frequencies such as 
   121.5 MHz, 243 MHz and COSPASSARSAT (406 MHz)
• Bearing display on moving map and beacon localization by triangulation
• Decoding of COSPAS-SARSAT messages and displaying beacon positions on the map
• Intelligent SAR Scan algorithm with up to 4 frequencies monitored between COSPAS-SARSAT pulses
• Displaying the own track and defining GPS waypoints
• Mount on vehicles or carry the DF-system backpack for versatility in all types of terrain
• Water-resistant system for use during inclement weather
• Light weight, comfortable frame and wireless antenna / tablet communication makes handling easy