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Network analyzer - Benchtop

Network analyzer - Benchtop

Bird BN1000 Network analyzer Benchtop - 300 KHz to 8.5 GHz ; 4/2 Port
Datasheet Download : Bird BN1000 Benchtop VNA

Introduction : 
BN1000 series 2/4 ports vector network analyzer, with high measurement accuracy, stable test performance and fast measurement speed,is a factory level test instrument with high cost performance. Its frequency range covers 300kHz ~ 8.5GHz, which can be widely used in the R&D and production testing of radio frequency devices and components in the fields of mobile communication,semiconductor, radio and television, scientific research and education, etc.Supported GNSS signals

Featurs :

• Frequency range:300kHz~8.5GHz
• Large dynamic range:>125 dB @(IFBW=10 Hz),typ. 130 dB
• Low trace noise:2 mdB rms @(IFBW=3 kHz )
• Measurement speed:42 μs/point @(IFBW=500 kHz)
• High effective directivity:> 45 dB
• Support remote control: LAN

• BN1000-265 2-port 300kHz~6.5GHz VNA
• BN1000-465 4-port 300kHz~6.5GHz VNA
• BN1000-285 2-port 300kHz~8.5GHz VNA
• BN1000-485 4-port 300kHz~8.5GHz VNA