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Vector Spectrum - USB

Vector Spectrum - USB

Bird BA100 USB Vector signal spectrum - 9 KHz to 6 GHz
Datasheet Download : Bird BA100 USB VSA

Introduction : 
BA100 is a vector signal analyzer with compact design. With excellent testing performance and measurement sensitivity, BA100 satisfies the testing requirements of the majority of RF signals. BA100 satisfies the needs of general spectrum test, it supports signal demodulation like LTE, FM, Digital Signals. In terms of system integration, PCB version module product is available and API library is provided for secondary development.

Features :
• Frequency range : 9 KHz to 6 GHz
• Signal demodulation: Digital signal, FM, and LTE
• DANL: -168 dBm @1GHz
• Signal storage depth of 1Gbit for signal capture and analysis
• 10MHz reference in/out, USB interface for control
• Small size (180*50*290mm) and light weight (1.8 公斤).
• API library is provided for secondary development

• BA100 1-port 9 KHz~6 GHz VSA