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Vector generator - Benchtop

Vector generator - Benchtop

Averna URT-5000 Series RF Player and Signal Generator
Datasheet Download : Averna URT-5000 Series RF Player and Signal Generator

RF Signal Generator :
The state-of-the-art, soware-dened URT-5000 (140 kHz to 2.5 GHz) is the RF Player and Signal Generator of choice in industries such as automotive,semiconductor, consumer electronics and telecommunications. It utilizes Averna’s protocol-specic RF signal toolkits and signal libraries, and can generate and impair all common navigation and broadcast radio signals for receiver design validation, testing, production and support purposes..

Features :
• Supports all common navigation and broadcast radio protocols
• Easily adapts to new and ever-changing protocols,eliminating need for new instruments
• Real-time signal generation for long-running lifecycle tests like HALT and HASS
• Allows synchronization of units to support multiple channels
• Easy-to-use interface to generate signals quickly and intuitively
• Complete API for automating remote control of the instrument
• Front-access hot-swappable hard-disk drives for maximum convenience

Support Toolkits : 
• GPS Manufacturing Simulators (Single Satellite or Constellation)
• HD Radio (IBOC)
• RDS/RBDS (1 or 3 Channels)
• Sirius and XM – Type 1 Acceptance and Manufacturing
• RF Player
• DriveView Player