Aerospace & Defence

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    VTS radio direction finder

    RHOTHETA - RT-800
    The compact solution for VTS coastal surveillance, mobile ATC stations and SAR purposes
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    Mobile direction finder

    RHOTHETA - RT-400
    SAR & Law Enforcement to locate and decode COSPAS-SARSAT
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    Parachute training

    The Quantum3D Virtual Reality Parachute Simulator is a highly efficient parachute training device for
    novice as well as experienced paratroopers。
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    Firearm training

    The power of completely immersing trainees in realistic, hands-on exercises where they can see, hear, move and interact with the field and each other.
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    Artillery forward observer simulator.jpg

    Artillery Observer Training

    The Artillery Forward Observer Simulator (AFOS) is a computer based training system designed to enhance the level of training of forward observers and firing direction center personnel.
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    ATC simulator.jpg

    ATC Tower Training

    ATCSim provides a total training for 2D/3D-TWR/APP/ACC controllers in a multi-session and multi-exercise system. Its mission is to enhance training of controllers, providing the capability to simulate an unlimited range of high complexity operational situations.
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    Forest simulator.jpg

    Forest Fire Fighting Training

    The Forest Fire Fighting Training Simulator has been designed to improve organization and coordination capabilities in fighting forest fires.
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    IG logo.jpg

    Image simulation

    QUANTUM3D - Independence IDX 900
    Space saving. Cost saving. The new IG from Quantum3D.
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    Flight simulator-Gimbals logo.jpg

    Motion - Gimbals

    AEROTECH - Custom Gimbals & Optical Mounts
    Aerotech has decades of experience designing and building custom gimbals to meet your unique needs – whether for a specific payload size, shape and weight or for additional features like slip rings, power-off brakes and adjustable counterbalances.
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    Flight simulator-Hexapod logo.jpg

    Motion - Hexapod

    High-load 6-axis hexapod
    Ultrontek provide flexible positioning of loads > 2000 kg
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    GNSS detection

    OHB DIGITAL SOLUTIONS - GIDAS(The GNSS Interference Detection& Analysis System)
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    UAV simulator-1.jpg

    UAV training simulation

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Simulators are designed to simulate the capabilities of basic unmanned aerial vehicles (air vehicle, mission systems, ground systems, air-ground integrated systems)。