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IR Camera - IRC900

IR Camera - IRC900

The IRC900 Series is based on a closed cycle Stirling cooled sensor engine。
SBIR - IR Camera - IRC900

Providing multiple outputs, users can view imagery directly from the IRC900 Series cameras using HDMI,and acquire and display digital data via Camera Link and GigE. Optional GPS allows users to geolocate the camera, and an optional four position filter wheel provides the ability to select sub-bands for spectrally dependent applications.

Software options include WinIRC and a software developers kit to allow the user to acquire, display and analyze data from the IRC900 series cameras.

• Choice of Stirling cooled InSb sensors
• <1 μm to >5 μm spectral range
• 14-bit digital output
• SuperFraming for extended dynamic range
• Motorized four position filter wheel option
• High frame rates & windowing