+ System component

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    Recorder_RP6100 series.jpg

    Recorder x 2 | 4 CH - 6 GHz

    Averna RP-6100 Series Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback
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    Recorder_RP6500 series.jpg

    Recorder x 1 CH - 6 GHz

    Averna RP-6500 Series Multi-Channel RF Record & Playback
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    FX100 all.jpg

    Audio analyzer - module

    NTi - FX100 Audio Analyzer
    Audio Generator & Analyzer for laboratory quality control and acoustic measurements
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    SR1-logo 1.jpg

    Audio analyzer - standalone

    SRS(Stanford Research Systems) - SR1 Dual-domain audio analyzer。
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    RF recorder 500 x 392.jpg

    Recorder x 1 CH - 1GHz

    AE9000-500 Rugged 160 MHz / 1 GHz Disk Recorder。
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    manual box.jpg

    Manual shielding box

    Precise manual shielding box
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    pneumatic box.jpg

    Pneumatic shielding box

    Pneumatic shielding box
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    audio box.jpg

    Audio shielding box

    Datasheet Download : TESCOM - TC-5810A shield box

    TC-5810A is RF & Audio Shield Box which offers testing solution for both RF and sound system. The system can be configured as you need.

    Key features: 

    Reliable High RF shielding up to 6 GHz
    High performance Acoustic+RF Multi-Absorber
    Specifically designed for various types of large device
    EMI filters on all data ports
    Easy open/close
    Customizable data connections
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    Antenna product- logo-1.jpg


    SENSORVIEW - For Sub6 and mmWave antenna
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    Cable product -1.jpg

    RF cable

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    RF Connector|adapter

    SENSORVIEW - RF Connector|Adapter